The Pursued Objectives of the Project (POP) are:
POP1. The development and implementation of six courses and related laboratory works with remote access which will address to the following environmental concerns:

  • Design, Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Soil and Air Quality Monitoring Techniques
  • Sustainable Drinking Water Supply Systems
  • Closing the NEW-resource cycle through a zero-emission water management system (NB. NEW = Nutrients Energy & Water)
  • Geoinformation technologies for Environmental Changes and Pressures Assessment
  • Flood Hazard Assessment

The entire study module is called EnvYJobs and for each course appropriate teaching materials is provided: syllabuses, electronic courses (e-books), CD books, virtual laboratories and webminars.
POP2.The making of an e-learning platform with a dedicated curricula in field of environmental engineering (EnvYJobs e-learning module). In this way, teachers/educational staff, students and other stakeholders could have real-time remote access to innovative Open Educational Resources.
POP3. Providing solutions for teachers, educational staff and students with the aim of their immersion in the remote experimentation environment through innovative ICT technologies and mutual learning. For acquiring or improving the use of ICT, for learning digital competence, all the participants will be the beneficiaries of Users’ guide for e-learning platform.
POP4. Implementing e-learning module at partners universities through testing of the e-learning module with virtual lectures and virtual laboratories (e-learning, e-Labs tutorials, webminars, videolabs, evaluation) and live laboratories.
POP5. Wishing to respond as quickly and better possible both the employment needs of students trained in environmental engineering field and employability correlated with the labor market needs, the development of a database is previewed. This is including information from both directions: about the environmental specialists trained in the framework of the project (attended courses, evaluation results, rankings) and related to potential employers in the environmental field: students and employers database in order to facilitate their interaction.