Live labs are intensive learning programmes organised at each partner institution. During the live labs, students will gain practical knowledge on the topics tackled in the online courses. In addition, they will come into contact with labour market stakeholders including water supply services, civil and environmental protection agencies and industry in order to develop a clear perspective of both parts and try to better adapt the acquired skills to industry requirements.


The Erasmus+ programme funds participation in the live labs through individual grants.

There are the following available grants for each live lab attended abroad  :

22 – for University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

8 –  for University of Trento

8 – for Saxion University of Applied Sciences

It is possible to participate in one or more live labs.

Priority will be given to the students who have attended the EnvYJobs module and passed the relevant module(s).

Four Live Labs are offered according to the following calendar:

3 ECTS will be awarded for successfully attending live labs.

Application for admission to Live labs must be submitted online through project ’s website, using the electronic application form. As a part of your application, you will upload a scanned copy of the certificate of enrollment provided by your university and a scanned copy of the signed application form. The original documents will be given to the project responsible from your institution.