At the global level it is already known our dependence on a healthy environment and the fact that environmental problems go over national and regional borders. We are all agree that, to these kinds of challenges we can answer just through concrete and coordinated actions at EU and international level. To achieve this aim we need adequate training and access to higher and actual skills through better education and training systems. Mutual learning in field of environmental engineering between important and experimented actors in European higher education system using the exchange of good practice and implementing innovative tools and instruments is the rationale of the EnvYJobs project.

Concerning the knowledge triangle work, the EnvYJobs project starts from the idea that higher education is in the middle of a triangle formed by three important connected points: education, innovation and employability.

The project Environmental learning innovation for more knowledge and better jobs – EnvYJobs follows to enhance students knowledge in environmental engineering and to make their skills and competences more attractive for stakeholders.

EnvYJobs project implementation has as principal components e-learning solutions, laboratory technologies related to the curriculum content and live laboratories which are allowing an empirical study and sociability in creating student presence for remotely accessed knowledge concerning environmental issues.

The target group of the project is composed of 120 students enrolled in the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, University of Trento and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Of the total 120 students, 70 will come from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Romania, 20 from University of Trento – Italy and 30 from Saxion University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands. Students who will attend the training session will be selected by partner universities according to a selection process established by project consortium at the beginning of the project.

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